2 thoughts on “Online exhibits

  1. Alix Cooper

    I love the idea of being able to look at all these different exhibits online, especially because it can be so difficult to actually get to many different places. The piece about women doing athletics at Bryn Mawr was very interesting for me since it is so odd to think of women not being allowed to do sports. The image of the girl in the ankle length skirt hopping a fence was a great picture to show people at that time that just because they are women doesn’t mean sports/ athletics are out of the question. Overall this online exhibit is easy to navigate and was fun to explore!

  2. Madison Scovell

    I also really enjoyed this online exhibit. I loved looking at the exhibit on Frances Passmore Lowe’s scrapbook. She graduated college in 1908 and had two images from graduation day, one of her and the other of a group of girls graduating. Looking at the older images made me think of the cool images we have here at UMW!


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