Bernini exhibit

Dear Bernini students,

Please complete this sentence:

Working on this online exhibit has….

Here are some things to consider:

-other 400-level work you’ve done,

-research papers in other classes,

-how you might use this professionally,

-how this has prepared you for work in other classes or beyond UMW,

-how you might use this kind of project in your own work at a museum, school, etc.,

-what it means to work collaboratively on a project such as this,

-did you work differently on this project?

-And finally, what would you like to see added to an online exhibit project?  Any advice to students?  Recommendations to me?

Thank you.  I’m not grading you on this…I very much would appreciate your responses.

3 thoughts on “Bernini exhibit

  1. Isabel

    Working on this online exhibit has been a challenge, unlike anything I have ever done before, but I think as an aspiring museum professional it is important to know how to use these online resources to reach new audiences.

  2. admin Post author


    What do you think students need to know going in to this project? Do we need to spend more time as a class working on the website? Should the entries be shorter, perhaps making it easier to follow a format? Or do you value the opportunity to present all of your research here?

  3. Chelsea

    Working on this online exhibit has certainly been a new experience. It’s true that website assignments aren’t a typical part of an Art History class, but at the end of the day I feel like it was definitely a challenge worth taking up. Basic web skills are becoming more and more of a must-have where careers are concerned, and I think having the opportunity to gain some experience with that was highly beneficial. Even if we didn’t have much of a technical part to play (thanks again Tim and Jim!) we still got to contribute to the design phase. We were able to showcase both our research and our ability to work collaboratively with others which is always a plus, whether you’re looking for a job or applying to grad school!

    If I had to change anything I’d probably have spent a little more time working on the website in class. Also, I think maybe spreading out the deadlines for different portions of the site—having basic text up by this date, images by this date, etc.—might have been beneficial. I know I spent a lot of my time trying to make sure the paper itself was ship-shape, and so I feel like website might have taken a little bit of a hit because of that. Overall, however, I’d say it was a great experience, and I think it would be very interesting to see more projects like this in the future!


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