A message to my students

I sent this out to students in my Bernini seminar this morning.  I’m really hoping to hear from them.  They’re a great group of art history and art history/studio art majors.

Hello everyone.
When I learned I would be teaching this seminar one week before classes began, I also learned that some students needed Museum Studies credit.  I looked for a good reading in Museum Studies that would bridge a lot of ideas — faculty-student collaboration, working online, ideas about what needed to be put together, etc.  I found some good articles (some of these were from Hannah…thank you!), but none that really fit the bill.  So I decided I’d have to write the article myself.  And I’d really like to incorporate your input.  Guinea pigs?  I hope not!  More like contributors.
I’m part of a faculty project this semester and this is my particular goal:  getting a complete draft of this article by the time of our opening.  (We all have our deadlines.)  Some of my ideas are posted to a blog: http://blog.maoch.org/.  The very first blog post is called:  Working on an exhibit.  Right now, it’s just some topics…I’ll be adding more.
If any of you would like to leave a comment to this post (or any others) with your ideas, suggestions, questions, or problems you’ve encountered that future students will need to be aware of, I would very much appreciate it.  Your contributions will be acknowledged in the article.
Please give it a thought.  The Bernini online exhibit will be the fourth online exhibit I’ve done with students.  When I first started this, there was nothing online to look at as a model.  There’s still very little out there.  So we’re all trying something that is still new here.
I look forward to your observations.  No comments are too short, and all questions will be addressed.  And no, you’re not being graded on this.
Looking forward to your hearing from you.
-M. Och

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