DPL 2019, last day

Notepad: bit.ly/dpl2019open


“Options rather than opt out.” Sarah Honeychurch, @NomadWarMachine

Connections, boundaries, breaking boundaries

Silos on campus — we re-do the same thing over and over across time on our campuses.

“Teach through a screen, not to a screen.” Sean Morris.

“The jungle-ness of it.” Melina Patterson


Value of OER: 4 slides, spell out to a specific person (admin)

• Lower costs to students — admin wants this, it will sell the school to the state, to parents

• Rethink course material — be [more] selective in choice of objects taught

• Bring students into teaching, into the production of knowledge — this may be uncomfortable for both students and faculty who are more familiar with lecture classes, but addresses university mission statement (rigorous, passionate, community-oriented).

• Become a learner as well as a teacher — admin will like this, as well, in part because it addresses faculty development/pedagogy.

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