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Game Camp, day 2

Follow-up from “Settlers of Catan”:  What did we learn?  Strategizing…mix of luck and strategy.  Everybody’s turn matters.

How do we incorporate this into classes?  Examples:  urban planning

Carcasonne — game about medieval life.

Seven Wonders — game about the ancient world.

Tumblr for 115:  Ask students to find images of [xxx] and post these (daily, weekly).  Use this as an opportunity to have students identify style, artist, period, and explain how that work exhibits that style, artist, period.

Game Camp, day 1

The games have begun…

Four claims:

-built on sound learning principles (collaborative…);  why we do this in the classroom.  WHy we do what we do.

-personalized learning experience;  personal take away;

-engagement and 21st-c. skills; how do we engage our students in meaningful ways;  gamification = game mechanaics;  quest-based learning;  but must integrate the other principles;  must have tight connection to other principles;

-authentic and relevant assessment;  can’t reach the goal without using the skill;  ok to fail because you can try again;  game format = less pressure.

Jeopardy — get online;  use this instead of “memorizing;” use this for review of the previous day’s material.  (Ask Andi about this. Get dog toys for ringing in.)  Search:  Jeopardy template.

Game-based learning — shift the power/center;  not giving all the info, but allowing students to come to the knowledge.  NB:  Games and competition are not necessarily connected.

Game elements:

-Goals:  purpose, focus, measures, outcomes (a way to measure the quality of play);

-Rules:  operational, foundational, behavior, instructional;

-3Cs:  conflict, competition, cooperation

Scavenger hunt:  Give students a list of things to find;  then return with photos. Can work in teams.  Prizes for funniest photos, etc.  List: amazing chocolate thing, interesting parking job.  Problem:  took lots of time uploading to their blogs.  Solution:  upload to a site; see DTLT about this.

Gaming:  quantitative or participation